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When I was pregnant with O, I bought this t-shirt for Ben to wear to our baby shower (couple’s shower) because I thought it was hysterical.

He still has it (though hasn’t worn it since) and we were joking it would be hysterical to put “a team of doctors, nurses and embryologists” under the I with a ^ and then draw in Dr. S and some of the other medical personnel. Is that funny as all get out to anybody other than me?

Because in my world, this is how babies are made now:

Intralipid infusions, PIO shots in the ass, blood draws that blow your veins, etc etc etc.

Do you think it’s ok to hold all these bruises over the child’s head when s/he/they’re misbehaving?


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The girls are back!

So after 19 months of nursing O, my boobs have seen better days. They’re not knocking my knees and interfering with my walking or anything, but they have a definite “ski slope” shape on top…until now! They’re back! It’s like they filled back in over night! Hi ladies! I missed you!

I also woke up feeling a tiny bit nauseous this morning. Not that I want to spend the next few months puking, but it’s nice to have a little bit of a pregnancy symptom (besides some cramping, which could go either way.) Kind of comforting as I still spend every day analyzing my body for signs that something is going wrong.

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flipped me on my belly and took out years of pent up agression on me by pummeling my ass with their fists.

That’s what it feels like. I just didn’t gave this problem with the PIO last time. Maybe adding the Del Estrogen suspended in castor oil (aka rubber cement) pushed my bruised butt over the edge, I don’t know. I’ll deal with it, I suppose.

My boobs are killing me too.

Before you get all excited that it’s a “sign,” be aware that I’m on plenty of drugs that all mock pregnancy symptoms. Impossible to tell if any of it’s real.

It does present a dilemma. When I go down stairs my butt cheeks and boobs both kill. Which do I grab to support?

The progesterone makes me exhausted, so I’ve been napping with O when I can. He’s been napping in our bed with me, and it’s so cute watching him sleep.

I’m probably creating a monster letting him nap in our bed, but oh well. Today he wanted to nap on the stairs (?) or in the bathroom, and our bed sounded better than either of those.

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…and how ready I was to wean O at 19 months. How every day I resented the time it took to nurse him at that night b/c I was so tired of always having to do bed time. How happy I was when he weaned himself.

I wish I’d known it might have been the last time and cherished that time more.

Now I can barely get him to give me a hug some mornings when I leave.

Can I just quit my job and stay at home before he is completely grown up?

owen smiling

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My friend Kerry was recently featured with her family in the NYT. (Her blog about her IVF w/ ICSI, twin boys and NICU stay can be found here: ourstorkgotlost.com

The topic of the NYT article was on “The Gift of Life and its Price” It had to do with the high cost of twin+ pregnancies and how the number of premature births has increased 36% over the last 25 years. That increase is due at least in part to fertility treatments. 60% of twins are born prematurely.

My friend’s Kerry’s beautiful boys Max and Wes were born about 10 weeks premature at around 3lbs and had 43 day and 51 day NICU stays at a cost of $1.2 million.

Kerry and Jeff, like Ben and I, have ONE SHOT for IVF. They spent 23% of their annual income trying to have a baby, so when the choice was given to them “put back one or two high quality blasts” they of COURSE chose 2 to maximize their shots of pregnancy.

The thing is most medical organizations, including the CDC and Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) suggest putting back only one embryo because of the increased risk of multiple pregnancies.

Yet most insurance companies don’t cover IVF. It’s a “luxury” to have a child, I guess. Well guess what. I have a child and am still willing to pay about $25,000 to have a second. We did put back one blast, but only because we had high qualities blasts to freeze. When we do our FET (it costs another $5000 or so), we’ll put back two. If I had my options, I’d put back one, one, one, one, one, one, one. That whole procedure would cost $60,000 for the IVF and all resulting frozen transfers. If that whole process were covered 2x (and most people are lucky to have 1-2 blasts make it to freeze), I bet the number of twin pregnancies due to IVF would go WAY down.

Unfortunately, so much of this is about cost.

My laprascopic surgery to remove endometriosos (a covered expense) cost more than $30,000. I got it in the hopes it would improve my chances to conceive. The pain from it can also be treated with birth control pills (though not when TTC, obviously.) My insurance company could have paid for 1 IVF for less than the cost of the surgery.

Too bad nothing about our medical care system makes sense.

This is the March of Dimes Prematurity Awareness month. IMO, the quickest way to reduce premature births is to do all we can do to reduce multiples. My first baby was in the NICU for 4 days. It was 4 days of hell, and I don’t know how those families survive extended NICU stays, let alone with young kids at home. IMO, the best way to ease that suffering is to cover the MUCH cheaper cost of IF. Don’t even get me started on what that would do to the mental health costs of IF patients! To me it’s all dollars and sense.

You can give money to the March of Dimes to help premature babies here:

You can take action with the advice of RESOLVE’s (national infertility association) tips to improving IF coverage here (call your representatives and senators, write to your company’s HR department demanding reasonable IF coverage, etc):

You can see the letter I wrote to our insurance company here:

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Meanwhile, back on the farm

Child #1 continues a long tradition of foiling my efforts to get a cute Halloween picture. This was the best out of 100 shots 🙂

Owen thomas the train

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I want another one like this!

Maybe Ben and I are some sort of genetic mis-match. Maybe our chromosomes are completely messed up. I don’t know, but seriously, how could we be THAT screwed up if the kid we do have came out this perfect? I have never had a school picture this cute in my LIFE, and O hit it out of the ballpark with his first (preschool) shot.

Owen's school picture

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