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Baby update!

So more details to follow, but Grant being a tiny little peanut has made it hard for him to hold his temperature, nurse, etc. We finally got an LC to bring us a “supplementary nursing system” (SNS), which is like a tiny tube you can attach to a bottle to get extra calories in them while nursing. For some reason, people tend to poo-poo it, but it had worked great with O, so I kept pushing. We used it 2x so far and it’s making a big difference in Grant’s breastfeeding drive.

Marshall is a barracuda who needs no encouragement, though we may use it once with him too.

Because of our A/O incompatible blood types, they’re both at high risk for jaundice, and Grant has a few other factors that make him an even higher risk. We figure the more they poop, the more flushed their systems, and the better chance their bili levels will come back at a good place when they test it for the first time tonight. We’ve already crossed one hurdle with Grant passing 3 consecutive blood sugar heel pricks.

I never gave their weights here, I guess. Grant was 4lbs 13oz, 17.75 inches. Marshall was 6lbs, 11 oz, 18.75 inches. Thus the look that Grant is giving Marshall here. “Dude, why do you keep stealing my wheaties?”



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