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35 weeks!

The belly’s definitely getting bigger. But I’m really surprised it’s not MORE big given that there are two. I think I have a cuter PG belly this time than with O. Maybe because my butt was a little smaller to start this time 🙂


I thought my belly would measure 45w or so this week, but they’ve gone horizontal and I now measure 40. Weird. It’s not like they’ve engaged or anything. Baby A has his legs straight across the bottom of my belly.

This is actually a bit of an issue because if my water breaks, there’s no “cork” in my cervix (head or butt), so there’s a risk of cord prolapse (meaning the cord comes out first, gets compressed and can deprive the baby of oxygen.) They may do the c-section a little closer to 37-38 weeks instead of 38-39 because of that.

Oh, and thought you’d appreciate this picture of O and his latest “shooter.”
o's shooterd


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