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My kingdom for a wee.

Just forewarning, this whole post is WAY too much information.

I’ve complained about my difficulty peeing on here since mid-November. It has gotten significantly worse the last few weeks.

This isn’t like it’s HARD to pee, this is like 30 minutes of effort to be able to get even a drop to come out if I go in the middle of the night (usually about 3x, sometimes more). The last 3 weeks this has involved getting up, doing an inversion like this:
going up and down the stairs, and then barely being able to eek out a trickle and never fully emptying my bladder. They’ve confirmed I don’t have a UTI and just keep blaming the pressure of the babies on my bladder.

Here’s the thing. The babies AREN’T on my bladder. They haven’t dropped at all. They’re all up in my ribs, which is why my ribs hurt so damn much. Baby A (the lowest baby) is breech, so all that’s over my bladder is feet and legs. There’s NOTHING engaged in my pelvis.

So last night after an HOUR of trying to go, I was totally in tears. It hurts SO BAD because I have to go so much, and it just burns and burns but won’t come out. In a moment of desperation, I used my fingers thinking, I don’t know, I could use pressure to make it come out. My uretheral opening was SO SWOLLEN and huge, and the urethera itself was FULL. By pressing on it, I was able to get a flow going, peeing all over my hand in the process. (This is where people reading this who are contemplating having children should just scratch that plan.) After all of this effort, it all burns more, though. Actually, it more than burns. It feels ripped.

Since I was totally awake after that, I started googling. I’m pretty sure I have either a Urethral Diverticulum or Skene’s Duct cyst (or both.)

My symptoms fit these MUCH better than “pressure from the babies.” Even when not pregnant, I’ve complained (not to these docs, and of course my records never carry over) of a pea sized lump around my urethral opening. I’ve dribbled through this whole pregnancy (not like snissed, though I’ve done that too, just dribbled).

The thing that has me really frustrated is NOBODY has done a physical exam. After what I felt last night, I’m pretty sure that would have raised a red flag. I know I’m pregnant with twins, which makes my body a temple of weirdness, but COME ON! For MONTHS, I’ve complained about this, and 2x I’ve been Rx’d antibiotics and then found out I DON’T have a UTI. That happened 2x in my last pregnancy, which I mentioned to them. They just assured me it was pressure, pressure, pressure, and I believed my multiple caregivers.

So yesterday I went into my appointment thinking “fuck them. They’re WRONG. This is NOT NORMAL.”

So I met with the midwife and said “I don’t think this is normal.” I was ready to open a can of whoop ass to see a urologist or whatever. She just said “yeah, that’s not normal. Let’s do an exam.” Did I mention I love her?

Anyway, she felt some sort of 2cm mass (not sure if that’s the right word) that’s making it mechanically difficult to pee. I told her I would happily carhetarize myself to avoid another night like last night. She wanted to consult with the OB and see if he could figure anything out to at least make me comfortable and then we’ll talk about a urologist.

She called me back that afternoon and said the OB thought it was possibly a cyst that could to be drained. Because it was Friday afternoon, however, his office was booked. So I ended up going in to Labor and Delivery at 2pm to wait for an ultrasound.

They finally brought me down for an ultrasound, where I got to meet this bad boy again (and I had been so excited at my last ultrasound when they DIDN’T use it to measure my cervix. )


My experience with the dildo cam has always just been that they shove it in to either look at my cervix or ovaries. This time it was ALL over. I’m DONE with the dildo cam. It has never even bought me dinner.

Oh, and the techs couldn’t really figure out what they were looking for, so I’m pretty sure the whole thing was a waste of time.

I got back to my room, wolfed down some food (it was 6:30) and asked if I could go home to wait for the ultrasound report since they apparently weren’t going to be draining a cyst or anything like I had hoped.

We discussed sending me home with a catheter so I could do it to myself, but they didn’t think I’d be able to do it with my belly in the way. They suggested I get up every hour and a half to empty my bladder thinking the reason it was worse at night was that my bladder was more full than during the day.

They were wrong. Last night was the worst night yet. I got up every 90 minutes to go, but I didn’t really have to go yet. I’d try anyway, which made me FEEL like I had to go, but nothing would come out. All night long, nothing would come out.

By 3am, I just got up. I ate some cereal (hungry after all that effort) and slept on the recliner for a while. When 7am rolled around, I woke up stiff from sleeping in a chair and could go a TINY trickle.

By 8am I went almost like a normal person. By 8:01 am I went back to bed exhausted and slept until 10:30. I got up and again peed almost like a normal person.

So my choices now are to go back to Labor and Delivery and have THEM catheterize me or to dehydrate myself after 6pm, take some Tylenol PM and just try to sleep through the night. (That second one is my non-medically sanctioned plan.)

I really don’t want to spend nights at L&D. Do you know how terribly uncomfortable those beds are? Do you know how much that would cost me?

I’m going to call back today and see if the ultrasound report showed anything that can be fixed.

I’m just glad I’m 35 weeks tomorrow so that there’s a chance this could only last a few more weeks.


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